About Us


Welcome to 365 Accounting Services.

We are not your typical accountants but we sure we know our stuff and will do an amazing job saving you money, sorting out your tax returns and making you are compliant with all the latest rules and regulations. We are FMAAT & ACCA certified with over 14 years experience.

Our Ethos

We understand that seeing an accountant can be daunting for some, and just plain boring for others, so we aim to dispel the uncomfortable truth that accountants are just not human.

We treat each client as an individual and tailor our services accordingly.  We don’t want to work with unapproachable clients, just as much as they don’t want to work with stuffy accountants, so fostering great working relationships is a key to the ethos at 365

How We Work

Virtual office - We appreciate the need to meet whenever and however is easiest, so operate with the latest video conferencing software including

• Zoom Video Conferencing
• Google Hangouts
• Skype Video Conferencing
• WhatsApp Voice & Video
• Facebook Messenger

• Out of hours appointments available on request. We understand the restraints some people face when they work a 9-5 so we work when you need us.

• We travel to clients over the country to help implement systems and get things running smoothly (our charges vary depending on location)

• Affordable and Flexible. Our packages and payment plans are tailored to individual client’s needs, you need a good accountant and we'll make sure you have one.


Hannah Davies

This is Hannah, she's the quirky fun accountant who will sort out your tax return and leave a smile on your face!

‣ Certified Chartered Accountant with over 14 years’ experience

‣ Quirky & funny, gets the job done with a smile

‣ Builds spreadsheets and learns coding for fun

‣ Down to earth and easy to talk to (no superiority complex!)

‣ Specialises in SME Ltd company accounts

‣ Superwoman to her friends & family (apparently)

Collis Bonny
Trainee Accountant, Tech Support

Meet Collis, the calm & cool intellectual one but don't be fooled as he hides a devilish charm & humour!

‣ Accounts & Technical Support

‣ Ridiculously smart with a brain like a sponge

‣ Down to earth and approachable with a highly analytical brain

‣ Highly skilled IT guy who goes the extra mile for clients outside of the usual remit

‣ Also very witty but known as ‘The Sensible One’ (or The Serious One)

‣ Champion of Azeroth